Social Media Guidelines – Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

Social Media Guidelines – Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

With the markets being flooded by affordable mobile devices, the Internet has now extended beyond the reach of conventional desktops and laptops. People in this modern world, even in the remote parts of the world, carry a sleek and portable device that suits their budget and purpose. Mobile marketing, which is just an extension of online marketing, is a marketing exercise fine-tuned to specifications of mobile devices that are mostly constrained in terms of display size and Internet speed.

Social Media Guidelines – Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

How Best to Address Mobile Marketing

There are several mobile marketing techniques including messages (SMS and MMS), advertisements on the mobile versions of popular Internet browsers, QR codes (matrix barcodes), banners, in-app ads or ads tagged to mobile games. Whatever be the adopted approach, the job is to keep the message short, relevant and clear.

  • Clear, concise and relevant SMS messages are ideal to start off with. Messages, however, can be sent to only those who opt to receive them.
  • Optimised or lean websites render well on mobile devices. Given the Internet speed offered by different service providers, simple layouts with minimum jazz, images, graphics or flash cut down on the loading time, a major problem as reported by 64 % of smartphone users according to a Keynote Systems Inc. survey.
  • Advertisements are all about pictures; they use small pictures to draw attention to the website. Small file sizes have a better reach and appeal, likely to be unaffected by local Internet speeds.
  • Mobile ads often help boost local businesses and figuring on local searches, especially on the maps matters the most. A Keyhole Markup Language (XML) file replete with geographical information on the physical location of a brick-and-mortar shop, placed in the root directory of a site, forces search engines to take notice of the website for ranking purposes, making it easier for users who use maps for their searches to locate the shop.
  • QR codes, through prevalent, need an appropriate call to action and relevant info on the landing page to be successful.

Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) reports reveal a 132% growth in mobile advertising and 152 % surge in mobile search during the first half of this year in UK. With the basics right, mobile marketing efforts are sure to pay off.

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