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HautStyle – Design Inspiration Blog

HautStyle is a blog created by a very talented graphic and web designer friend of mine Christophe Duhaut. HautStyle is a journal showcasing artistic creations from all over the world purely for your inspiration.

A very wide range of artistic design topics are included such as digital art, hand drawings, paintings, street art, multimedia and anything artistic from upcoming and well-established names in the design world. If you get your work showcased on this blog, you have done very well for yourself.

The site itself is well designed (I especially like the repeated background using the HautStyle logo) and optimised for search engines, posts are added almost daily with 4-6 new and original posts per week as well as the author offering up their own graphic wallpaper designs for free download every month.

HautStyle has quickly built up a very large base of followers in the design community (I’ve seen the number of subscribers) and has a large catalogue of posts and content for you to browse through. If you are looking for quality and truly unique design inspiration that is not repeated over and over on other design blogs, have a look at HautStyle.

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