Social Media Guidelines – Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing

14 Jan

With the markets being flooded by affordable mobile devices, the Internet has now extended beyond the reach of conventional desktops and laptops. People in this modern world, even in the remote parts of the world, carry a sleek and portable device that suits their budget and purpose. Mobile marketing, which is just an extension of […]

Give Me HTML5

9 Oct

Steve Jobs says you can’t view Flash on your iPhone because they have a moral/technological objection to the utility. Adobe conspiracy theorists say that Apple want to protect the viability of their AppStore. Luckily, the rest of us mobile website developers caught in the middle can simply step out of the debate now, with the introduction […]

A Closer Look At Conversion Optimisation

20 Sep

By now, everyone should be well aware of that traffic to your website, alone, isn’t enough to drive business – you must take measures to convert that traffic. There has been a lot written on conversion optimization, and while I think it’s all very easy to grasp on the surface level, I still see a […]

The Need-To-Know of Post-Penguin SEO

18 Jul

The Google Panda and Penguin updates were designed to penalise low quality websites and reward those who had valuable content associated with them. They have hit content farms hard and many sites have found themselves on the ground; but those who deal in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques also need to know about a post-Penguin […]

Future Web Technology

19 Jan

Everyone loves thinking about the future, whether it’s simply planning a holiday for later in the year or wondering when personal jetpacks will finally be a viable mode of transport and if robots will take over the world once they crack the Turing test. The only thing you can predict about the future is that […]

Is The Fox Getting Paranoid?

25 Nov

So, Mozilla are upgrading their version of Firefox …again. Firefox 7 8 is here only a couple of months after the people over at Mozilla did their last major version upgrade. Mozilla’s aggressive rollouts are mainly down to the people at Google Inc. running their popular Chrome browser at version 15. It’s crazy that Chrome […]

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